Volunteer Policies


Your hard work makes it possible for us to manage the UK’s most successful stem cell register. So when we take on volunteers, we want to make your experience as fun and enjoyable as possible.




Our volunteer commitments include:

  1. Induction & Training: We’ll give you an induction to teach you about our work, our staff, your new role, and responsibilities in order to make you feel more confident when talking to potential donors.
  2. Supervision, Support & Flexibility: We’ll teach and support you throughout your volunteering by appointing a member of staff who will regularly get in touch to talk about your volunteering.
  3. Reimbursement of Travel Expenses: We’ll reimburse your travel expenses to and fro your home to the clinic/event, and any travel needed during your volunteering session. Note that we are only able to reimburse your expenses with the proof of receipts.
  4. Clothing, Health & Safety: We’ll give you a special Anthony Nolan T-shirt to wear while volunteering with us. We will also ensure that you are fully trained in our health & safety policies.
  5. Insurance: Your safety is our priority. Whenever you undertake volunteer work for us, we insure you.
  6. Equal Opportunities: We’re proud of our equal opportunities policies and all volunteers are dealt with according to these.
  7. Dealing with Problems:  We’ll listen and talk to you about any difficulties and challenges that you might experience during volunteering, and deal with these issues swiftly.
  8. Other Commitments (aka what we ask in return):
    • Help the Register Development team by promoting events, welcoming potential donors, supplying information or helping us with any other mutually agreed jobs.
    • Perform your volunteering role to the best of your ability.
    • Maintain confidentiality for our organisation and clients. 
    • Meet the agreed time commitments & standards, and give reasonable notice if you can’t commit to a role.
    • Not to do anything that could bring Anthony Nolan into disrepute.


See the full list of our volunteer policies here.



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