Volunteer with R&BE



Our R&Be volunteers inspire 16–18-year-olds to sign up to be donors. They visit sixth forms, colleges and youth groups, and deliver a presentation provided by us of approximately 30-50 minutes about bone marrow, blood and organ donation.

They also volunteer at the recruitment events following the presentations. This involves advising young people who want to join the Anthony Nolan register, checking their eligibility and taking their saliva samples.

Our R&Be volunteers are:

  • Enthusiastic about working with young people and confident at communicating messages in an engaging and sensitive way
  • Free to deliver presentations during the school day
  • People from all walks of life – including young people, former patients, donors and retirees

Heather’s Story

There was a presentation when a student came up at the end, simply gave me a hug and said thank you for going into her school and told me her aunty had passed away waiting for a bone marrow match. She said perhaps now, because of Adrian’s legacy, more matches will be found and other families won’t have to go through what hers did. These are the presentations you don’t forget. Read more.

Want to share your story too? Click here.

Apply to be a volunteer:

If you’re interested in becoming involved in R&Be, fill our your details below and we will be in touch with you shortly. For more information, see also here.


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