Find donors and funding

Every person on our register could save the life of someone with blood cancer. The more people who join, the more lives we can save. And that’s where our fundraising and recruitment volunteers come in.

What our volunteers do

1. Volunteer at one-off opportunities

These include donor recruitment drives, fundraisers and cheering on our runners at challenge events.

  • At the London Marathon 2015, they raised over £700,000, with 270 of our runners cheered on by 400 enthusiastic volunteers!

2. Marrow

University students join or set up a Marrow group and recruit students to our register.

3. R&Be

These volunteers give presentations to 16–18 year-old about the importance of donating bone marrow, blood and organs via the Register and Be a Lifesaver programme.

4. Friends Groups

We have 11 Friends Groups across the UK who work together to raise money, spread the word about our work and help recruit potential lifesavers. And they’d love to hear from you.

Our volunteers are:

  • Warm, confident and friendly
  • Non-judgemental and diplomatic
  • Sensitive and articulate
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Flexible and punctual
  • Able to maintain strict confidentiality

Apply to be a volunteer

1. One-off opportunities

Check our website here to find the latest opportunities, or fill our your details below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

2. Marrow

Find more information on Marrow group page.

3. R&BE

Find more information on Register and Be a Lifesaver programme page.

4. Friends Groups

Find more information on Friends Groups page.







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