Cambridge Marrow 7

Marrow is made up of some amazing students. There are over 50 groups, with hundreds of volunteers in universities across the country, who are all working towards one thing – saving the lives of people with blood cancer.

What Marrow does

  • Raising awareness of Anthony Nolan and blood cancer within universities around the UK. This means spreading the word, holding events and letting students know about our lifesaving work.
  • Giving every student the opportunity to join our stem cell register. Marrow run recruitment drives across campus, from halls to the university gym, they make sure students are within spitting distance of becoming a lifesaver.
  • Raising funds to help support Anthony Nolan’s vital work. Marrow holds fantastic fundraising events, including bake sales, bucket shakes, balls and more.

What Marrow has already achieved

  • Signed up over 100,000 people to the Anthony Nolan register, and we do more every year.
  • 1 in 100 people who they have signed up to the Anthony Nolan register goes on to donate – much higher than average.
  • 28% of all Anthony Nolan stem cell donations are the result of Marrow’s work.
  • They’ve raised a ton of money – Marrow has raised over £160,000 in a year to help fund Anthony Nolan’s work.

Find more about their achievements here.

What you can do for Marrow

  • Volunteerjoin your local Marrow group and get involved in their lifesaving work. If there isn’t a group in your university, then set one up! We can give you all the support and advice to help you.
  • Promote – let everyone in your university know about Marrow, contact your friends and followers, and share our Facebook and Twitter pages far and wide.
  • Support – give Marrow a helping hand to reach new students, set up in new places on campus and beyond, and help them to save even more lives of people with blood cancer.

Learn more about volunteering for Marrow here.

Ellie’s story

‘I had a personal reason for joining, as I’m a blood cancer survivor myself. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma while doing my GCSEs, and since then it’s been really important to me to give back to the blood cancer world.

‘Marrow is the perfect way to do that while combining lots of different interests – it’s a fun society with a real community feel across the country; it develops new skills; and most of all, it’s a direct way of signing people to the register, debunking myths and fundraising, and there’s nothing more productive than seeing your collective work allow patients to find stem-cell donors and have their transplants.

‘I’m not the only person who knows first-hand how vital Marrow is – everyone has such a passion.Marrow and Anthony Nolan make a massive difference to so many lives, so I’d recommend joining to any student!’

– Ellie, Cardiff Marrow

Want to share your story too? Click here.

How do I apply?

1. Join a Marrow group at your university

2. Set up a new Marrow group


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