Become a courier

Once a person donates stem cells, it’s a race against the clock to get the cells to their recipient within 72 hours. Our brilliant team of couriers takes the stem cells where they need to go. And that could be anywhere in the world.


What our couriers do:

Our new couriers start by making three trips to transplant centres in Greater London, followed by a further three around the UK. After that, they will be considered for international trips. We hold an initial training session and then bi-annual training days, and our couriers also enjoy a coffee morning social on training days.

We currently have 59 couriers who save three lives every day. Over the last year, they made a total of 890 trips, with each courier making anywhere between six to over forty journeys.

Our couriers are:

  • Responsible. It’s often an intense, hours-long journey carry the one thing that can save a person’s life!
  • Staying in good shape. Couriering involves carrying a heavy medical transplant box and sometimes travelling for long distances.
  • Flexible and have lots of spare time during the week. Transplants can be scheduled or cancelled at short notice. We use public transport, and for international trips we’ll need them to travel by air. This mainly involves travel to Europe, but can also include destinations as far as Australia.
  • Based in London. Our clinics are located here, so we need couriers who live in the city.

Svetlana’s story:

It’s an enormous responsibility and I was honoured to be offered the role.

I have now attended an induction day and shadowed my first courier trip – it was from UCH to the Royal Marsden, in London. Shadowing an experienced courier was a fantastic way of seeing first-hand how everything works and the focus needed to carry out the role. Read more.

Want to share your story too? Click here.

Apply to be a volunteer:

If you’re interested in becoming a courier, fill our your details below and we will be in touch with you shortly. Note that you will need to be under 75, as our insurance policy will not cover people over 75. For more information, see also here.




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