Lab assistant


At Anthony Nolan’s labs, our scientists test the tissue type of potential new donors by testing a saliva sample. The laboratory receives around 900 samples every week through the post, and can receive hundreds or thousands more samples if a donor recruitment drive has taken place.

That is where our lab assistants come in. They support the work our labs in Hampstead, North West London, from booking in samples, labelling, and sorting saliva samples into groups, to making stock solutions and supporting basic techniques.

Most of them have completed or are currently studying a science based education course, and volunteer for four hours a week.

Baiba’s story

Our tutor Stefano Casalotti’s daughter was diagnosed with a blood condition and needed a transplant, and she found a match through Anthony Nolan. Afterwards he advertised to students that there was a chance to volunteer. So I thought I would have a closer look, I went on the Anthony Nolan website and had a look. I read that you find a match for three people every day and I found it fascinating. Even though I didn’t know exactly where I would be placed, and maybe wouldn’t even get to be in a laboratory setting, I could help somewhere else and help other people. I was amazed by the job that you do so I thought OK, I’ll sign up and hopefully get a place, and here I am. Read more.

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Apply to be a lab assistant

If you’re interested in becoming a lab assistant, fill our your details below and we will be in touch with you shortly.


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